Random Ramblings: Post doctor visit and Prolotherapy

I had a doctor appointment a little over a week ago to discuss the pros and cons of Prolotherapy. The concept is to inject an irritant. My irritant that he injected was a mix of saline and dextrose (sugar). The thought is it will cause localized inflammation that will then trick your body into repairing the injury site. You can’t take any anti-inflammatory medications  for 2 weeks after the injection. The other thought is that it will help your body rebuild connective tissue, like your tendons and ligaments.

So far, so good. Not too much pain after and my physical therapist notices decreased inflammation at the site almost immediately. I didn’t have any negative response to the treatment, so I am going to go back into the office this Wednesday to get the injections a little higher up on my back. This time, it’s to try and build up the connective tissue up there. The thought is that maybe that is not healing because my paraspinal ligaments are too frayed.

It should take up to 6 weeks to see if there is any benefit in that regard to the treatments.

So, lets see how things go.