Random Ramblings: Need more walks

I’ve been super frustrated the last week because my husband has been out of town. That means that I can’t go for walks outside unless someone comes over to let me out.

It makes me feel like a dog in a kennel. I can see the outside, I just can’t get there.


Outside of it being frustrating, I feel like it isn’t conducive to me healing. How can I heal if I can’t go for walks? I’ve tried on the treadmill, but for some reason, it’s just not the same. In fact, it’s harder. Where as I can go for twenty minutes outside, I can barely break the five minute mark on the treadmill. Does anyone know why? I feel like maybe because it pushes you instead of you moving on your own?


Well, the hubby is back tomorrow. That means I will get to go outside for 4 days before he leaves again for a week. I just feel like I have really wasted the last week in a half by not being able to get outside and get a feel for how I am doing since this setback.

MRI on Monday to see how bad this setback is. It will tell me whether or not I made the annulus worse.