Random Ramblings: Neurology appointment secured

I want this dog

I, unfortunately, had to cancel my appointment the other day with a neurologist because I couldn’t find a ride. That was quite the debacle. The problem is, I can’t just take a taxi, as I can only sit in an SUV. That because I can’t squat down into a low car. I need to essentially just slide over. I can’t take the bus, because the step up is too high, and, if you are not from San Francisco, you can’t imagine how Kamikaze the drivers are here. I had a friend offer to drive me, that, again, he drives a mini cooper. Not going to work. My car is also in a parking garage a few blocks away, which just adds to the issue.

However, I was able to secure a different neurologist for Tuesday to hash out why it is I am having numbness and tingling when I lay down, if, as the MRI reads, is not coming from my spine. Which, seems, highly unlikely.

We shall see!