Radom Ramblings for the day – friends equal more pain

Today is an interesting day. I had friends come over this week on Tuesday and Wednesday. I felt like I was doing okay when they were here. However, last night was kind of difficult. Lots more pain. There was a bit of burning at the site, but more so, there was a real tenderness around the muscle site.

It just sucks because I want to be able to do more stuff, I just hate suffering for it because of it. What I really need to do is find a place that is flat, so that I can walk whenever I want and get out whenever I want. It would be so much better for me.

I’m think of maybe trying Auburn, California. It looks beautiful there, it is near a Sutter hospital, and it’s a lot cheaper.

I think that might be in my best interest.

The only sad thing will I won’t have any friends around there. It’ll be lonely out there.