Family coming to visit!

DandelionsI’m super excited because my family is coming for a visit! I just found out on Saturday!

Oh, and they are coming THIS Friday!

They are also not very motivated so they are staying with me, in my 700 square foot apartment! It was too late for them to get a hotel room and at this point, too expensive.

Yikes! 4 people sleeping on air mattresses in my family room!

So, for those of us with pain, we know how stressful it can be for family members to come for a visit.



  • Trying to/wanting to pick up the house
  • Take it easy to save spoons, although this rarely helps on the day
  • Extra grocery shopping
  • Pushing yourself because you want to keep up



  • Dealing with people not necessarily understanding your situation they want you to do more than you can do
  • Being confronted with what you can’t do or participate in
  • Feeling misunderstood, people judging you for what you can or can’t do
  • Missing them when they leave
  • Having to rely on friends to help prepare for your visit – feeling bad about this


Dandelions 2There is always so much that goes on in our chronic pain heads. People also don’t realize we can’t just be easy breezy. We can’t just roll with things like we used to or want to. It takes planning, help from other people, and a mental fortitude to stick up for yourself. Especially since they are staying with me, I will need to do an expert job of speaking up for myself when I need to go lay down. I can just hear my brother¬†now “oh, you’re fine”.

Regardless of all that, I am so beyond thrilled they are coming. I love my little nephew and niece and am so, so, so happy to see them. Plus, it’s a little emotional as they are moving back to Michigan in a few weeks so this might be the last time I see them for years.

Wish me luck!


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