Total screw up by Allsup

I Am Legend No

A lot has happened this past week. I was able to reach my congress person about a month ago to see if they could help with my social security claim. Well, they did! They were fantastic! The most help anyone has offered me since this whole process began.

They were able to get my case approved for critical processing.

However, I just had to decide to move because I don’t have any money and I can’t afford to live in San Mateo anymore. I had considered going month to month here, however, the price for month to month was 3k. Can you believe it! With zero income how was I supposed to afford that?

So I move November 29th and the hearing was scheduled for San Francisco for Dec 8th.

No biggie.

SF decides that they are going to setup a video conference with San Diego (SD) so that I can keep my hearing date. Nice, right?

Here is where the magic happens.

Allsup (random company that MetLife strongly suggested, by that I mean badger, I use to represent me with social security) totally screws up and tells them that I waive my right to video conference, that I only want it in person. What! That never happened.

Apparently, some clerk sent out a mass letter to everyone they were representing, regardless of what was discussed between the client and their specific representative, that they did not want video conferencing. Allsup assured me this would not happen, that everyone was on the same page. Clearly, my suspicions of ineptitude were spot on.

Therefore, SF social security gets mad, sends me a letter, and states that they are revoking my critical case status! Not only do I lose my December 8th hearing, but now I lose my critical case status.

Allsup are absolute idiots.

Also, now I look like a diva to the court system.

Perfect. Thanks Allsup. Thanks a lot.

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