Looking for a job as a disabled person

So, Social Security, since they denied me, has forced me to look for jobs despite me not being well enough to have one.


I am running across exactly the problems that I knew I would. Early on in my injury situation, I had looked for jobs. I was better then than I am now, and the jobs were limited then. Now? Next to impossible.


So, my resume has gotten a lot of feedback from employers looking for a nurse. Well, you know, a nurse who can work as a nurse.


That’s really not going to cut it.


I have, though, gotten a little bit of feedback for employers looking to hire someone as a recruiter or a case manager. However, 2 things pose an issue.


A lot of the case managers must work in the hospital setting. I can’t do that for a lot of reasons. One, I can’t get to the hospital. Two, I can’t work 8 hour days. Three, I can’t stand for 8 hours straight. I need a break every hour on the hour, and I need that break to be laying down. Sure, I definitely see a hospital letting me do that! In order to complete 8 hours worth of work, I would need to be there 16 hours t fit in all of my laying down cycles.


I had an insurance firm call me and request an interview, but they want me to travel all the way to Oceanside for the interview. That’s 45 minutes away in a car. I can only sit in a car for 5 minutes once during the day and then I will suffer for it for the rest of the day. They wanted me for manager positions and for recruiter positions. I asked if any of them could be work from home. He said perhaps the recruiter position. The only issue was then the interview, which I’m sure we could have worked around. However, the main issue is that I would need to train in Oceanside. Again, now I would have to drive there. I thought about maybe getting a hotel there so I wouldn’t have to drive back and forth, but I would need my bed. It needs to be at the right height for me to get into it and the right softness level so that I’m comfortable. Otherwise it feels like my back is tearing open. Also, I’m sure the training would be for 8 hours a day. I can’t do 8 hours. I don’t even think I can do 4 hours.


So there it is. I can’t even try for a job because of the training issue.


I’m so mad at Social Security for not believing me or approving me. Even if someone will take a chance on me working from home, how will I train? Who is going to hire someone with my severe limitations? It goes back to their reasons for denying me based on my education. Sure, I’m educated, but I can’t apply it anywhere because of my physical limitations.


I’m feeling a bit punched in the gut today. I always knew that this would be a difficult road, trying to find a job, but it doesn’t make going through it any easier.


The worst part of it is, even if I get one, I’m fairly certain I will be in too much pain to even do a good job at it.


Ah, my life is glorious.


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