Allsup consultation for 3rd review by social security

Today was my scheduled phone call with my Allsup representative today. This call was done to complete my paperwork to be sent in for my third appeal with Social Security.


It went fairly okay. It took about an hour. I honestly think it would have took less time if I had done it myself. The good news though, was that I could lay down while she asked me all of the questions. It was pretty straightforward. In a way, kind of annoying. It was everything that I had already done. It’s been two years now. They have all this paperwork. They asked me what meds I was on, when I got hurt, when I stopped working –all stuff that they already have.


Some good questions they asked was how the back pain effected my. Was I able to concentrate as well as before? How does it effect my mood? Am I quicker to snapping with people? Of course! Just yesterday my Direct TV went out and I had to call support to get it fixed. The whole time my internal clock was ticking about how much time I had left before I would be completely spent. I had to cut the phone call short, and then I got short with my husband. :-(


The good information I got was that it would take about 11-18 months to even get a hearing! Wow! If my MetLife runs out in November that could be a serious problem of no income. That would be 6 months without income at the least! It does show I really, really have to get MetLife to stand behind me in this.

The other interesting thing is that it might not even go to court. The judge could look at my case and approve it right away. The important thing I learned is that they can’t deny me without a court hearing. So that’s good.

The weird thing is I won’t hear until a decision has been made or just before the hearing. So, it’s kind of up in the air. It’s out of my hands now, which is good.


More updates to come.



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