Stuart Scott

Sometimes, things hit you hard, you know?

Stuart Scott’s passing was hard to take this morning. I cried. A lot. I find it kind of interesting, because I didn’t know the man. I have never met him. However, I watch a lot of sports and I always liked listening to what he had to say. I liked that he had an easy going rapport with his fellow commentators. It just seemed everyone liked him. There are times when I watch Steve Young and Trent Dilfer and I wonder if Steve wants to punch Trent for being a blow-hard, I know I would.

No one ever looked at Stuart Scott that way.

He was a large part of why MNF is my favorite. The way he guided the pre and post show was seamless. Almost as if he was just hanging out with his buddies. I guess, in a way, he really was.

When he wasn’t there, the show was always a little less fun. A little less lighthearted.

Stuart Scott had missed shows before, but this year, it became noticeable. The shows he missed began piling up. My fear for him began mounting.

I realized I began looking for him. Seriously, wasn’t he going to come back? If he wasn’t on air, that meant he hadn’t beat this round of cancer.

One week, I couldn’t stand it anymore, and I googled him. He had just posted on Twitter. Phew, I thought. He’s still fighting the good fight.

A few weeks ago on MNF, Steve, Suzy, Trent, and Ray made a gesture to Stuart on air that they were thinking of him. My stomach knotted up.

I knew it must be bad.

Stuart Scott was a man that let us see a bit of him. He shared his struggle against cancer with us. He let us feel for him, to pray for him, to be inspired by him.

That is why I am so saddened to see him go. He wasn’t an actor. He wasn’t President. He wasn’t a superstar. He was a man who lived his life the way he wanted to, and he did it well. He did it so well, that people took notice, myself included. He was Stuart Scott … and we loved him for it.

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