Settling in is an adjustment

Settling in has been quite trying. First of all, there were so many things that I had not considered.

First. The toilet was too short here. It’s like a baby toilet. I literally could not sit on it. It was so close to the ground that I couldn’t reach it. I had to research toilets online and find one that was ADA compliant. Then I had to schedule a plumber to install it after getting permission from the landlord. Thank God they allowed it. Now, it is so much easier. However, I never, ever would have thought that that would be the case.

Other thing. My apartment complex says that it allows Direct TV. That’s bullshit. As soon as my guy came to install it, he said he noticed no one else here had one, which aroused his suspicions. Sure enough, not actually allowed here. Total crap. What can I do now? I’m so disabled I can’t go to a bar to watch my games. Oh, wait, let me take a step back. I don’t care about anything else other than football season in a few months. How am I supposed to watch my Green Bay games? I’m not well enough to go to a bar. I can’t walk there, I can’t drive there. Plus, I live in San Mateo, where is there even a sports bar that will show Green Bay games here? Plus, I like to hear the sound. Too often when you go to the bar you can’t hear the sound, only the sound of the home team, and let me tell you, I DO NOT want to hear Niners’ games.

I have settled upon Hulu Plus for now. It serves all of my needs. I really only like watching Colbert Report and, don’t laugh, General Hospital. I have a Netflix account so I can watch movies, and I can start season two of House of Cards and then move onto OITNB. I hear that is very good. I’m also kinda interested in watching Fargo now that it is done and it got good reviews.

But I digress.

One of the other hardest things was the internet. First, they cancelled my internet in SF three days early, right in the middle and beginning of the move. Then, I make them promise me they will turn it on here, which, doesn’t happen. It was a big disaster that I don’t even want to go into, but I was without internet for a week. Yes. During a move, I had no internet. No good way to look stuff up. No way to check emails. No nothing. Remember the toilet thing? Try looking up what kind of toilet you want on your iPhone. It’s a pain. I also blew through my data plan on my phone, and you try telling your 4 year old niece you can’t FaceTime with her because I’m out of data on my phone. Not gonna happen.

The other hugest issue is that this place is carpeted and the floors are completely uneven and, in fact, rotted through. Yup. All this place did was throw new carpet onto rotten floors that are also completely uneven. It completely hurts my back. I was not anticipating not being able to stand on cushy carpet. There is a lot of padding down to try and cover the holes. There are huge holes in the floor, and there are divots, and slants, and slopes everywhere. Right now I have several calls into corporate to have them fix it. I pay $2100 a month. I don’t need my floors to be so shitty. It’s lazy. I literally had one guy tell me when I told him he needs to rip up the carpet to figure out why my floor is so slanted and has holes in it, he said “well what do you want me to do if we find them? Who’s gonna pay for it?”

Really? That’s his answer. Disgusting. This isn’t the 1880’s and I don’t live in a tenement building. I live in San Mateo, part of Silicon Valley and the suburbs of San Francisco. Get it together.

Now I spend all my time in the kitchen because the floor is fake wood in here. Although, this too is slanted because my weight scale goes nutty on the floor in here because it is so uneven.


Madeline Fresco is a novelist who lives in San Francisco. She is the author of CROSSED THE LINE, available for Kindle at, for Nook at Barnes & Noble, and as an ePub at other eBook retailers. You can also listen to her novel as a free, serialized audiobook at Her second book THE CHOICE, is available on Kindle at Amazon. Her third book ANGUISH, is available for Kindle at

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