Random Ramblings: Sometimes the worst part of chronic pain is the loneliness

Sometimes the worst part of chronic pain is the loneliness.


Yes, it sucks that I am in pain all the time. It’s not like if I just don’t do anything I’m pain free. I still have pain regardless — lots of it.


Yet, what can be equally demoralizing is the loneliness. The sitting by yourself in the pain. Not having anyone to talk to. Not having anyone to comfort you. Not having anyone to lean on.


Maybe you have a spouse or significant other to lean on. It doesn’t mean you’re not lonely. When they are gone, you sit (in may case lay), by yourself, without any interaction. Those simple trips to the grocery store, you miss. The conversations with your coworkers. The dinner parties. The drinks for happy hour.


You try to fill the time with reading articles, books, watching movies, but it’s not the same. Those lingering thoughts of loneliness creep in.


I think I need a cat.


Oh, wait. I’m allergic.


Sometimes, life just sucks.

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