Random Ramblings: Doctor visit

Went to the spine doctor today and I was quite pleased — mostly because he was pleased. I thought going in he wouldn’t be happy with my progress — like I should have been farther along. Nope. He was happy with what I was able to do and thought that I had made up the time that I had lost.

He said he had been worried my back wouldn’t have been moving at all, but that it was. That my original thoracic injury was basically healed, and now we just had to continue working on the lumbar.

He did crank on me though. So I’m quite a bit sore. I’m thinking he must have been trying to break up some scar tissue. Yet, I would have liked him to tell me that before he did it. It all just seemed to be a bit much. It wasn’t like he eased into it. Nope. Just brought my knees to my chest, and before I could whimper out that I hadn’t done anything like that yet, he not only brought my knees to my chest, but then laid what felt like his full weight down on my legs. All I could think was … I guess this is gonna be it for my back.

Luckily, it wasn’t and now I am at home with a glass of wine and a small bit of hope for my future.

Take care y’all.

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