Random Ramblings: Doctor visit for second Prolotherapy

Went to doctor’s office today to get my second set of Prolotherapy. It was a bit annoying because he was an hour and fifteen minutes late for my appointment. At least it wasn’t like the old days, when I could barely stand. It was a bit rude though. I wonder if doctors, who treat patients in pain no less, understand how difficult it can be when they are that behind? I mean, I used to be an operating room nurse, and I took care of pain patients, and it never occurred to me how much pain they might be in at that moment. I think we could all learn a thing or two.

So got the injections — it was fine. Hardly any pain. However, as always, he does something I had no intention of letting him do. Plus, he never discusses these things before hand, so I don’t have time to evaluate whether or not I want him to do it or not. He starts pressing very hard “to work the solution in.” However, then he starts pressing really, really hard into my back, like he is trying to push my whole back into the table. I remind him that my spine really doesn’t like to be in extension, and that when he presses on me like that, it’s causing me to extend.

He didn’t seem to heed any warning. Just muttered “I know.”

Ughh. I wish people would stop treating me like a doll. Throwing me here and there willy-nilly. I’m the one who has to be in pain for weeks after. I still can recall around Thanksgiving of last year I was starting to be able to sit on the family room couch until he pushed my knees to my chest and then laid on them. He never asked if I was remotely able to do that, let alone have him lean on me.

Well, that’s my day folks. Now I’m trying not to freak out.



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