No-shows are harder when you are disabled

Good job showing up, lady

I had a no-show today and while it sucks for people who are not disabled, it is so much worse when you are. I have a cleaning lady come every three weeks to help with the garbage, vacuum, and clean the bathroom.

She was supposed to come today.

Sadly, no friends came over this week, so my trash has really backed up and, lately, I have had a spider problem. So there are little spider carcasses all in my carpet. Needless to say, I really, really needed the cleaning lady to come over today.

The thing is, she didn’t show up, and she didn’t call. I had to text her to find out why she wasn’t here. The really aggravating part was she said her car broke down (which I kind of don’t believe), and that she was going to call me. The reason I don’t believe this is how do you forget to tell your clients that you can’t show up? It’s so frustrating.

It leaves me to try and scramble for someone last minute to come to the house. She can’t even come until next week. Now I have spider guts on my carpet for three weeks because I can’t get to them, and I really, really need someone to mop the remains up off my bathroom floor. It’s gross. Now I’m a gross person because my cleaning lady didn’t come over.

The thing is, when you are disabled, things aren’t niceties, they are necessities. It would nice, if I was well, to have someone clean for me. No, I need someone to clean for me or I sit in filth. If someone doesn’t show up for a person who is well, they could be irritated, but they can just as easily say fuck it, get the vacuum and clean up. They for sure would have already vacuumed up all these dead spiders.

I also was having a wonderful FaceTime conversation with my niece and I had to let her go because I thought the cleaning lady would be here at any minute. So I also had to disappoint my niece because this lady didn’t show up.

I’m just so aggravated by the situation.

How do you feel when people don’t show up? What impact does it have on you?

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