Physical Therapy Journal — 2 days of torture, not really

After a week of only one day of physical therapy, I started full-throttle this week.  Yesterday was pretty good. KC did some manual manipulations and, I swear, I could be making this up, but I felt like my walk today was a little bit easier. I had a little bit more of a sway to my hips, and just in general, I was more comfortable during my walk. I especially noticed it when I got home today. I didn’t feel like I immediately needed to lay down. I felt like I could still do things around the house.

Then, today at 2:45, I had another PT appointment. It all went pretty well up until, literally, the last two minutes. She brought me into the Pilates room and sat on the reformer. She then proceeded to ask me to lift both legs in the air — which, I could not do. I think in part it was because she didn’t want my leg in the air a couple inches off of the ground but all the way up toward the ceiling. I was able to get the right one up in the air and in the strap, but once she had me try and put the left one in the air, I just couldn’t get my brain to do it. I finally, finally, got my leg up there, and almost as soon as I did, I had to tell KC no more. My low L5-S1 spot was on fire. I’m sure it was in part due to the fact that the reformer table that you lay on was a bit firmer, no, harder than the therapy table., but also because that really put my back into a position it had never been in before. I mean really, both legs straight up in the air? Not on my priority list. Sitting is a priority for me. But I get what she was trying to accomplish, which is my low back to move a bit.

By the time I got home my back was screaming. I laid down and with a drink on stand by. The good news is it’s now a few hours later, and while my back is not 100% back to it’s baseline, it’s not as bad as I thought it would be.

So there it is. If you are following along — this is what my physical therapy sessions look like. My next one is on Thursday.

As a follow up, after my scary appointment with the sports medicine doctor, I seemed to have returned to my normal baseline on Sunday.

Also, today disability management through work finally pulled the trigger and is calling me out on not returning to work. I knew this day was coming, but it doesn’t make it any less difficult. A big fear of mine is that I will get better, but it will be a few months shy of their deadline and I will lose my job when I could have maybe kept it. I also need to be mature and realize I can always get a new job, but I can’t get a new back. I’m sorry, but I can’t go through this again. It’s not worth risking my back.

All my love.

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