Physical Therapy: Continued Trial and Error for my Annular Tear

Physical therapy went okay on Monday. The whole time I was there it went really great, up until the end. We did a bunch of new exercises which kind of bugs me a bit. It’s funny, when I was doing physical therapy before when it was just my thoracic back, I kept getting annoyed because we would do the same exercises and I wanted to be doing more. Now, I’m annoyed because we are doing too many.

I’m a nutcase.

I guess I just feel like shouldn’t we wait to accomplish the first exercises before we add on more? How will I know which exercise hurt me if we keep adding and adding and adding? How do we know if the first exercises are wearing me down as I do them more and more and am not able to increase the frequency?

Therefore, I spoke with my counselor about all of this and she brought up a good point. Just because I spoke my mind to KC before doesn’t mean I am done with the dialogue. She encouraged me to keep asking questions, and in fact, these very questions to KC. She said at the very least it would let KC know where I am at and we can continue to work on my physical therapy plan from there. That alone, she said, will make me more comfortable with my plan of care. She said this woman should know what’s going on in my head because she can improve her care for me.

So my next PT appointment with KC is tomorrow March 14th. I will let you know how it goes.

As for my current pain level, it again was pretty high after Monday’s session. I’m not gonna lie, there was some crying. The last exercise that I spoke about above was that she wanted me to lean up against the wall and try and flatten my back against it. I immediately felt it in my back. So for sure that one is not one that I am ready for. Some other exercises that she had me do was sit on the table with my feet firmly planted on the floor and rest my hands on an exercise ball. I then softly pushed the ball forward and then returned it back. I then did this same exercise to the right and to the left.

Another exercise was on the table, flat on my back. She then had me push the right side of my back into the table. I was slowly able to do that. We then tried with the left and even though my brain told my left side to try, nothing happened. I gotta tell you, that was a very weird experience. KC said that sometimes can happen. What I was very impressed about was she did a work-around. She placed her hand under the small of my back and then slightly pushed it into my back. She told me to resist her. That seemed to allow a signal from my brain, and I was able to push her hand down. I was pumped about that. I thought that was really smart on her part.

Alright then. I wish you all the best. Until next time.

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