Physical Therapy- again

Hello Kitty Bike for my niece

I think I might get this bike for my 4-year old niece, I mean, how awesome is it!

So I went to physical therapy on Monday, June 21st. It went fairly well.

Walking there was easier than I thought it would be. It is literally in the same building as my apartment, but I still have to go out the front door and walk up a slight slope. My back seemed to be fine from that.

The front desk lady was really nice. That helps. Scheduling future appointments with her should be a breeze.

Then I met my therapist. He is a boy, which I’m not sure how I feel about that, but it is what it is. He is the owner of the practice, so that is good.

He seemed to really listen. I liked that. Also, there didn’t seem to be any judgement coming from him. I also liked that. That first therapist I saw when all of this started totally and absolutely judged me. She wanted me to do an exercise and there was no way I could do it. I told her that and after, I don’t know, one or two exercises, she said “You have to be able to do this.” No, I didn’t. I said I was willing to do exercises with her, but maybe she could modify it or come up with a new one. She basically said if I couldn’t do that, then I couldn’t do anything.

With how very limited I am now, I could see someone raising an eyebrow and questioning how little I can do. I did not get that sense from this guy. I will call him B. In fact, I kind of rolled my own eyes when B asked what was wrong with me and I said “an annular tear, but no one seems too impressed by that.” He said that he thought annular tears were worse than just herniations and that the pain could be very bad. That made me feel like he believed me. That made me happy. Too often I feel like people think my condition is no big deal and that I should be better by now.

B gave me two exercises to do and then suggested PT twice a week. I think that sounds reasonable. We discussed the fact that I said I don’t need to be cured, but it would be nice to be more mobile and to be able to do more stuff.

I hope for improvement; what can not happen is that I get worse.


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