Physical Therapy: 3rd time is a charm?

Physical therapy went much better on Thursday March 7th. I worked up the courage to tell the therapist that I felt like the previous session was too intense.  Probably not a surprise to anyone else, but she was very receptive. I was actually super impressed. KC asked during exercises how I was doing. She specifically asked me if I felt pain or a stretch. She didn’t seem put off by my request at all.

I know, to most people this seems like an obvious request with an obvious result, but not for all of us. It was a great learning experience for me to know that I could ask to slow things down without the person being offended or have a snotty attitude in turn. She didn’t act like she thought I was being a baby, or that I wasn’t invested in my recovery. She just took it all in stride and worked around my pace. I was also happy that she still kept pushing me, but just not as far.

So all in all a great visit. It has encouraged me to keep going. I hope this time is the charm and that I meet my own expectations to someday be 100%.

Man, how great would that be!!

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