I tried a new Craniosacral massage therapist – my thoughts on it

The one thing that I find the most relaxing is a Craniosacral massage. It’s so relaxing. There is no worry about someone pulling you too much. Your brain doesn’t have to think about where it’s coming from next. It just is. It’s the best.

However, this therapist had no idea what she was doing. I mean, truly. First off, she did Reiki, which is fine in and of itself.

(However, later, when we discussed, she confused the terms Reiki and what is cranial-sacral massage. Just to be sure, I looked it up on the internet. I mean, one of my really good friends did it for me in SF, and I trust that she had the terminology correct. However, it never hurts to check. I was right. That was not it.)

Does Reiki work?

I like Reiki. I know that it’s a sham. However, for me, it helps calm me, that, I think anyone would agree, is helpful. I don’t realize how wound-up I am. Not until I have to lay there and feel myself breathe. Which, by-the-way, I really don’t do. It’s true. When you are in so much pain all the time, you begin to change your breathing patterns. I breathe so shallow now. It was actually kind of hard to force myself to take true breaths. Not even deep breaths, just real, true breaths.

So I wouldn’t knock her for that, per se, but that’s not what I asked for.

Other bad was that after the Reiki, she asked if I would like a scalp massage. SUre. Yes, as this is closer to Craniosacral massage.

I’ve had hair washers at the spa give me a better scalp massage.

Overall,  poo-poo experience.

It was good though, as I said, to realize my breathing when calm is still so shitty. I think what it did help me realize is that I need to do those online Youtube meditation videos again. Just not the ones that talk about your relatives visiting you from beyond the grave. Uh, it’s supposed to be relaxing! Not invoke tears!


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