Settling into new place almost complete

It’s now been three weeks since I’ve moved in order to facilitate healing, and to not be trapped in my own apartment.

So far it’s been going fairly well.

As of last week, the carpet was proving to be very difficult for me and my back. I spoke to the apartment complex, and they refused to do anything about it. Well, that is until my husband went ape-shit on them. Now they are all ready to do something about it.

Well, it’s too late. We were able to find a solution ourselves that is working out so far quite well. I’m able to stand at my computer without too much difficulty now, so that is good. No more hanging out in the kitchen!

I still find myself going outside a lot, as it is easier on my back to be on solid ground. I love the San Mateo weather here. Even though I daydreamed that simply moving would make me suddenly better, I’m still quite pleased with the ability to enjoy nice weather. I go outside and talk on my phone for a few minutes to friends, or instead of reading something indoors, I’m able to stand outside and enjoy the sun. It helps the mood a lot to see the sun. Maybe it doesn’t help my back get any better, but I do enjoy a better mood.

I do find it humorous that I like to stand near the pool. All of the people who are there are always giving me funny looks, as if to say, why are you standing and not sitting? Cause I can’t! But it’s nice to be near the water, and to hear the kids laughing. I can stand for a few minutes, and it makes me happy.

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