Hey Old Man, I Love You


Old Man


How I wish to hear your voice on the other end of the phone. To hear the joy in your voice when I call and with a warm laugh hear him respond “Hey Tyrone!”

I do not know why he called me that. Maybe because of the movie Snatch by Guy Ritchie. I only know that I liked it when he did.

2014_05_12_10_38_21.pdf000I also know that he was the best of men. The best husband, a great father, and a wonderful person to all. He was a role model to many. He cared for people in a way that is special and hard to find.

I loved him dearly.

I wish he was here now. Not just because I am ill, not just because I know he would welcome me home with open arms, but because I would like to share a Labatt Blue with him and cook another meal with him. I want to see him pretend he doesn’t like dogs to only sneak treats to them when he thinks no one is looking.

I love you Old Man. I hope Emma is keeping you company. Be nice to Emma up there in heaven, because I know where ever she is, she’s taking up 3/4’s of the bed.

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