Random Ramblings: Doctor appointment follow up

I went to see the doctor yesterday to follow up on my two sessions of Prolotherapy.

I don’t even like cats, but this little lady is cute

First and foremost he was pleased with my progress. That made me happy. I did get enough courage to ask him how he thought my next few months would look like. He said I would be doing all the things I want to be doing within 4-5 months. He also said that he expected me to go back to work before that.

This made me very happy. He knows me. He knows I like to snowboard, play soccer, and swim. He knows that I am an operating room nurse and that that takes a lot of physical stamina. While I don’t think he thinks I will return to the operating room, it is promising that he knows all the extracurricular activities that I like to do and thinks that I will be able to return to them.

I also like the fact that I told him my fears. I stated I was afraid that I wasn’t going to get better because of how long the recovery was taking. He didn’t seem to blink an eye at that. He said he has had people who were doing far worse than I at this point, and who at or around the year mark, their bodies just seemed to relax and they got better. He then stated that I am getting better and that he thinks I’m going to get better. Not in the wishy-washy way that a lot of doctors have told me, but in a meaningful, believable way.

I’m also surprised I’m not upset about the 4-5 month thing. I think I’m so afraid that I’m going to be like this for the rest of my life, that when someone tells me 4-5 months, I’m not upset at the length of that, which, don’t get me wrong, at any other time in my life would have seemed like forever, but now seems manageable.

So as of this minute, I’m actually a bit positive….



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