Pain Journal: Still in pain after doctor visit

Last Wednesday I had a doctor appointment and he put me through the paces. Usually he is slow to start, and I have time to adjust to what he is about to do. Not this time. I think he was in too much of a rush. So he immediately put me into both legs near my chest and then leaned down.

Why did he do this? I don’t know what he was trying to accomplish. How does he know how far I can bend or stretch when he didn’t ease into it?

The whole healthcare thing is really starting to bother me. We, as patients, don’t seem to have any say it what is going on. The old adage of “the doctor knows best” is starting to seem like total bullshit to me.

He didn’t say anything to me about how far I thought I could stretch and then try and push me past that point, no, he went straight into it. Now I am here in way more pain than I was before, and I can assure you, he hasn’t given me one more thought since he left my exam room.

I know what people will say too. You need to speak up for yourself. Do you know how fast he put me in that position. It took less that 4 seconds. Besides, I also wasn’t even sure what he was going to do in order to speak up. If he had just raised both legs to my chest, I think I might have been able to handle that. I might have been able to handle some light pressure. But that’s not what happened. He leaned into it with way to much weight.

I swear. I get that doctors are busy. I get that some patients will complain no matter what. But for Pete’s sake — give some of us a chance to speak up for ourselves.

The next time I go see him I will immediately say “I want to know everything you are going to do before you do it. I felt like last time you rushed into everything and I wasn’t ready for it.”

I’m not leaving his office one more time in more pain than when I went in.

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