My Doctor Is Terrible

My doctor is terrible. He doesn’t care and is too busy to pay attention to his patients.

I know I had said in the past that I was excited about this new doctor because he seemed to really care. That he wanted to put thought into my case. Well, not so much.

As you know, I had my follow up three weeks ago and he wanted to put me on Neurontin. Well, it took a week for my friend to pick up the medication so I didn’t have a chance to read the insert right away. The insert said that I should not take Neurontin with magnesium.

It didn’t say why.

So I emailed Dr. W. to ask what the actual interaction was. Nothing. No return email. I then called him a few days later to ask again. No return call, nothing. I then went into the office to get my blood work drawn and asked the front staff there if they could have him get back to me. Nope.

I then decided to start researching the drug myself. Come to find out that it has really bad withdrawal. I specifically asked him if there was bad withdrawal. He said no. What? How can it be so different?

Here’s the thing. If I can’t even get the man to call me back about questions I have about going on the medication, how is he ever going to call me back if I go through withdrawals? There are medications that he can prescribe if I have a hard time coming off the drug but it is useless to me if I can’t get him to call me back.

I even called him yesterday because I got my first cold in 3 years and I’m terrified. I don’t know if my back can handle a coughing spell. I called specifically to ask him if he knew of any heavy duty cough suppressants that he can prescribe. I also said that while I don’t take narcotics for my back, that I might be willing to take them on a short-term basis if it was due to acute back pain from the coughing. No reply. I even told the office staff to call me back regardless if he wanted to order something or not.

I should have called them back this morning, but I didn’t. I was feeling terrible and just wasn’t up for an argument.

I will be calling them tomorrow.

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