I had my MRI

I’m tired and frustrated

I went to get my MRI today. Ugh.

Not. Good.

It started off fairly well. I did my stretches this morning and it went as well as any other morning over the last few days. The car ride was where I was a bit concerned. I have not sat for the last 5 weeks so this was the first time that I sat for any length of time, especially in a car. I did pretty well. It wasn’t until the last two minutes that I really started to get a bit anxious. However, I could see the hospital so that made me feel better. I’d say the ride was about 15 minutes?

I got there, and I have to say, I was a bit annoyed. They told me the appointment was at 9:00. Nope. It was actually at 9:15 and they were running about 15 minutes behind. Anyone with back pain knows that adding a half hour onto any event is brutal. I tried pacing the halls a bit. That seemed to help.

Here is where it got ugly. Laying down on the MRI bed was excruciating. It was so firm. I tried really hard to stay in the MRI the whole time, but I ultimately couldn’t do it. I just felt the L5-S1 annular tear area pulling. Then the throbbing began. Then my butt and leg started to hurt immensely. I started to cry a bit, trying to hold on. I just couldn’t do it.

I’m mostly frustrated because I feel like I should be doing better by now. I should be able to lay in a MRI machine. I could before. Maybe not well, but I made it through the entire exam. Why not this time?

I should be doing so much better. It’s been so long. I’m tired of my life passing me by. I wish there was something I could do!

Tomorrow is my appointment with the doctor to go over the findings. Hopefully we can come up with some kind of game plan.

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