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I liked this article. It was very thorough. This is a snapshot of the article …

Annular Tears

Our intervertebral discs change with age, much like our hair turns gray. Perhaps the earliest stage of degeneration occurs due to tears that occur in the annulus. These tears can result from wear and tear over a period of time. They can also be the result of a sudden injury to the disc due to a twist or increased strain on the disc that overpowers the strength of the annulus. These annular tears may cause pain in the back until they heal with scar tissue.

View animation of annular tearing

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Good article on annular tears

I liked this article because it was pretty straight forward in regards to annular tears. Certainly, the part I identified with the most, was the differentiation between an annular tear and perhaps some other type of back pain. For me, the reason I knew the pain in my lower back was new, was when I could no longer sit.