Random Ramblings: 1st time sick with low back pain

Well, it finally happened. I got sick.

I had throw-up previously, except I did not have the low back pain yet.

So it was sort of random. I woke up at 4:00a.m. on Monday night and was not feeling very well. I thought to myself, hmmm, I should go get a puke bowl just in case. Well, I only had to exit my room before it came on so fast. I ran to the bathroom and the first heave hit. Nothing came out, but it was clear I would not be able to puke standing over the sink. So I hurried to the kitchen to get a bowl. I had another heave with the bowl, and that did not work either. I hurriedly squatted down and finally threw-up in the bowl.

Wow. Did it really hurt my back. It tensed every muscle in my back when I tried to throw-up in the bathroom sink. From top to bottom too. It wasn’t just in the lower back. I was surprised though that the crouch position was better, as it is very difficult for me to get in that position in general. I think a lot of it had more to do with the arch of my back more than anything else.

Today, Wednesday, I have to say the left side of my back is doing much better. It’s only been a day and a half, maybe two depending on how you look at it.  The right side, as always, is pretty shot. Although, most of my stretches went fairly well. I haven’t gone for a walk outside though, sadly, because it has been raining here in San Francisco. It’s sunny right now, so as soon as I finish this blog, I’ll head on out and assess how the walking is going.


However, in some ways, I’m glad I got the first illness out of the way. It’s been on my mind, and I have been fighting it for so long. It’s almost a relief to have it out of the way.

Myofascial Release

Today I tried for a second time Myofascial release. It went fairly well. I was very, very lucky that she agreed to come to my home in order to do it. That meant that I didn’t have to go through the car ride again and be hurt by that whole process. That was also really nice because there has been a ton of construction around my apartment building as of late and that just makes the drive that much longer.


So she came to my house and was very professional. She washed her hands before we got started and she asked me how I was doing. I was very impressed that she remembered that I wanted to take things slow. I didn’t have to remind her. That also make me feel good that she had reviewed my chart before she came. I have felt so often that other practitioners aren’t prepared for my appointments and need to be reminded what my case/situation is all about.


She did much firmer pressure on the trigger point release this time and she stated she felt that I was loosening up. That was wonderful news. She also did some passive range of motion in order to help with blood flow. That was okay. She went very slowly, which was nice. When she asked if I felt pain, I felt comfortable enough telling her when I actually did have pain.


All-in-all, I would say that I had a positive experience from it. I would say, if anything, it is teaching me how to relax, and how to trust my body again. If she decides to continue doing it, I would be agreeable to continuing.

Cancelled “Doctor House” appointment — really annoying

My make-up appointment with Dr. House was today. It got cancelled.

I’m so annoyed.

I expressed to the lady who runs the desk just how vital it was that I do not stand around forever, waiting on this guy. I can not sit. This was abundantly clear to her.

So I call today, at 2:00 to find out how he is running for my 3:00 appointment. They say don’t bother coming in until 4:15. Smartly, I call at 4:00 to see how he is doing on time. They tell me I won’t be seen until after 5:00. I was like okay, I’ll call you back at 4:45.

This is where it get brutally annoying.

They say I have to come in by 4:15 because the lady who is going to take my blood pressure and EKG is leaving by 4:30. I’m like, I don’t need those. That’s not why I am coming in. So we get into a mild argument and she says I HAVE to get those done. There. I can’t fax them over from any other doctor. Really? It’s not like when you get your blood drawn it is only good at one location. So stupid. I explained to them that it was ridiculous for me to have to wait, and be in excruciating pain, to get two “tests” done, that only take 5 minutes. Well, maybe 10 with the EKG. They would not budge. I think it’s one thing that they need them, but can’t they be a bit more flexible, especially since they expect their patients to be flexible with a two or three hour window? Seriously, Comcast has a better window of service than this guy. Besides, the more I pressed them, it was clear that it was going to be well past 5, if not 6 before I would be seen. Really? They would make someone wait 2 hours!

So I had to reschedule. I really do hope this man can fix me, because, if not, I have waited 4 1/2 months to see him. If he says hmm, nope, nothing I can do … I will scream. Especially since my friends stopped by his office to hand him my health history, which, if you know me, is very detailed.

My husband is going to go nuclear on them tomorrow.