Random Ramblings: Follow up doctor appointment post trigger point injection

Happy Halloween

Two weeks ago I got the trigger point injection near L5-S1 in the erector spinae muscle. I have to say, when I get the prolotherapy injections, usually within three days I can’t feel the injection site anymore. With the trigger point, it took about a week in a half. That made it a lot harder to tell if it was “working” or not.

Yet, within the last two days I was able to walk farther, I was able to bend a little bit more, which was very rewarding.

I saw him today and he was pleased with my progress. That made me feel good. I hate it when I go, like the other day with my Endocrinologist, and he/she seems disappointed or discouraged. Because I had made some progress, he wanted to wait on giving me oral steroids. He seems pretty opposed to them. I asked if it was because they can cause weaken the ligaments and tendons in the body, and I have this problem where I don’t seem to heal as easily as other people — he said that wasn’t it. He said that it was because it can cause necrosis in something in the hip? That seemed rare to me and I didn’t probe any further.

However, at the end of the appointment (stupid me!) I asked what stretches I could do to help loosen up the lower part of my back now that I seem to have much better range up top. Hmm. That didn’t go as well. First he had me sit in a chair and put my feet up on a stool out in front of me. I just teeter-tottered back. I had to openly laugh out loud at my rigidity. Sometimes, how unwell I am makes me laugh. Then he tried taking the stool out. That was better. But. We HAD to take it a step further. I pointed to the spot where it was tight. He decided to then place his thumb in that area and press really, really hard. I asked him what the goal of that was, and he said to loosen up the scar tissue that had formed there. However, he kept having me bend forward while I did it. As we all know, I can’t ever tell when I am doing something if I am hurting myself. So, now I’m a bit on the freaked out side that I might have done something stupid. Remember, my last set back was, and still is ongoing, 9 weeks ago. When all of this started, I only had a T10-T11 ligament tear. It was after one stupid move at the physical therapist office that caused an annular tear in my L5-S1 disc. I have to be so very careful every time I do something since my body is so fragile.

Now it’s a difficult wait game. I will at least not freak out tonight. If I wake up tomorrow morning and I am significantly restricted or in pain, then I will very much start to worry if I actually set myself back.

Next appointment is in three weeks on November 20th, 2013.

On a side note, Happy Halloween everyone.  Halloween is actually my favorite holiday/non-holiday. It’s all about having fun, being a little goofy, and candy! There is no family drama wrapped up in this day, and everyone gets great pictures out of it.

Enjoy. And, if you are in pain, just watch  spooky movie with some popcorn and some candy. Partake as much as you can!

Random Ramblings: Not such a great day

Actually, the last two haven’t been so great. I had a FaceTime date with a friend. Always exciting to see a friend give you the pity look. Yeah — totally fun. They look at you like they really have nothing to say because there is no hope, and they just don’t know how to say it out loud.


I luckily got to follow that with a doctor appointment today. First she asked about my back, made not only a frown face, but added little sad noises to it to. That was fun. She then said, “I guess that means you won’t be having a family then.”


Oh … thank you so much for reminding me of all the things I can’t do right now. Plus, that along with the sad noises from earlier made me feel like I won’t EVER be having a family. Way to keep my mood positive and upbeat.


She then let me know how I should be better by now, how it was very unusual for someone to have torn muscles for as long as I have, and maybe I should go to the Mayo clinic so they can figure out why I am such an anomaly. Thanks. So now I am an anomaly. That means, to me, I am even more unlikely to get better because I don’t fit any kind of mold that they have a text book answer to.


4 days post trigger point injections

How do I feel a few days post trigger point injections?


It seems to help the pain in the muscle a bit. But it really does highlight the fact that it is more than just the muscle. It really starts to ache right in the middle of my spine at the L5-S1 area, and, I have to say, just a bit lower than that also. Not sure what that means, but I will ask.


Was a bit sad today. Tried to get it together — hard to. Hard to be missing out on so much. Hard to get over my can do attitude of just pushing through. I can’t just push through. It makes me feel helpless.

Interesting day at the doctor’s office

Was supposed to get PRP today. That’s platelet rich plasma. Actually, I was supposed to get it last week, until I realized that I was on Celebrex and that meant that I couldn’t get it done. Funny, my doctor didn’t realize it, I had to tell him.


So I get there today, and he tells me that we can’t do it because he doesn’t have the right equipment. Really? I had to secure a ride, go off my anti-inflammatory, and suffer the pain of driving there — for him not to have the equipment? That’s just so irresponsible.


The other issue I have is that I talked to him about maybe some questions I might have about an alternate way to go — the whole steroid route. Someone in my life was questioning whether I should or should not have the PRP. So I simply asked. Well, before I know it, I’m getting steroid injections. Now, I’m going down the steroid route. That means two weeks from now if the trigger point injections don’t work, I will then take an oral dose pack. If that doesn’t work, I will also have an SI trigger point injection.


I’m a little miffed at myself, because, again, I let myself be swayed. I wanted the PRP. I should have stayed with that. I’m also a little perturbed that the doctor was so easily swayed. He should have stuck to his guns if he thought the PRP was the way to go. It should have still been the way to go even if he didn’t have the kit.


We will see how things go.


So now I have a follow-up appointment in two weeks. Who knows? Maybe this will help. I really have to say that I doubt it, but I will cross my fingers.

I had my MRI

I’m tired and frustrated

I went to get my MRI today. Ugh.

Not. Good.

It started off fairly well. I did my stretches this morning and it went as well as any other morning over the last few days. The car ride was where I was a bit concerned. I have not sat for the last 5 weeks so this was the first time that I sat for any length of time, especially in a car. I did pretty well. It wasn’t until the last two minutes that I really started to get a bit anxious. However, I could see the hospital so that made me feel better. I’d say the ride was about 15 minutes?

I got there, and I have to say, I was a bit annoyed. They told me the appointment was at 9:00. Nope. It was actually at 9:15 and they were running about 15 minutes behind. Anyone with back pain knows that adding a half hour onto any event is brutal. I tried pacing the halls a bit. That seemed to help.

Here is where it got ugly. Laying down on the MRI bed was excruciating. It was so firm. I tried really hard to stay in the MRI the whole time, but I ultimately couldn’t do it. I just felt the L5-S1 annular tear area pulling. Then the throbbing began. Then my butt and leg started to hurt immensely. I started to cry a bit, trying to hold on. I just couldn’t do it.

I’m mostly frustrated because I feel like I should be doing better by now. I should be able to lay in a MRI machine. I could before. Maybe not well, but I made it through the entire exam. Why not this time?

I should be doing so much better. It’s been so long. I’m tired of my life passing me by. I wish there was something I could do!

Tomorrow is my appointment with the doctor to go over the findings. Hopefully we can come up with some kind of game plan.

Random Ramblings: Need more walks

I’ve been super frustrated the last week because my husband has been out of town. That means that I can’t go for walks outside unless someone comes over to let me out.

It makes me feel like a dog in a kennel. I can see the outside, I just can’t get there.


Outside of it being frustrating, I feel like it isn’t conducive to me healing. How can I heal if I can’t go for walks? I’ve tried on the treadmill, but for some reason, it’s just not the same. In fact, it’s harder. Where as I can go for twenty minutes outside, I can barely break the five minute mark on the treadmill. Does anyone know why? I feel like maybe because it pushes you instead of you moving on your own?


Well, the hubby is back tomorrow. That means I will get to go outside for 4 days before he leaves again for a week. I just feel like I have really wasted the last week in a half by not being able to get outside and get a feel for how I am doing since this setback.

MRI on Monday to see how bad this setback is. It will tell me whether or not I made the annulus worse.