Physical Therapy: Here we go

So, if you read my bio, you will know that I first hurt my thoracic spine carrying my 60 pound dog, but the real injury came when I tore my L5-S1 annulus at a physical therapy appointment.

Therefore, it has been a very tough road to return to physical therapy. But … I finally decided to get back on the horse again. I am going to a new place and seeing a new therapist. I first saw her last Friday and it went pretty well. She seemed very knowledgeable (I interviewed her this time), thorough, tough and gentle.

So I have decided to keep seeing her and hope for the best. I liked her answer too when I asked her if she thought I was going to get better. She said she didn’t know for sure, but based on my age, level of fitness before the injury, she thinks so. She also said it will take a lot of hard work and I will have good days and bad days. I thought this was an informed, thoughtful answer. It was because of her answer more than anything else that leads me to want to keep going for visits.

However, I didn’t have a ride this week to see her, so my therapy will start up again next week. I have been trying to do her exercises here. I actually bought a simple massage table to do my exercises on and it has been working out perfectly. It is firmer than my bed, but not as hard as the floor (or as difficult to get onto as the floor.)

I just now felt something really twinge in my back, so I’m trying not to freak out. It was higher up in the back, and maybe it was just angry I was pushing it further that I normally do. I tried to just settle into the dtretch, but maybe that is not the best idea. Maybe just hold for a seond, and then release so that if the muscles are so unused to the exercise they don’t just give way right away because they aren’t used to it?